Frequently Asked Questions

Definitely not! The biggest myth is that you need to have a gazillion dollars or be a celebrity to hire a wedding planner. We work with people on any budget and tailor our services to meet your needs. More often then not we can help save you money by finding you reputable and affordable suppliers that will suit your specific needs.

The same planning principals apply whether you are having an elaborate celebration for 200 guests, skydiving in on horses (Which we would love to see!) to have a beautiful intimate backyard bbq for close family and friends. Most of our brides want a casual feel, to achieve this you still need to go through the same planning processes regardless of the type of wedding. You still need to find a venue, decide on food and drinks, dress, flowers, decorations and set it all up- why not save the stress and work with us to do so!

Yes, we certainly can! We specialise in being able to streamline and make it an easy process for your styling and planning. We are able to offer styling, hire, set up along with florals, which is always so much easier keeping everything with the one vendor and providing you with a top to toe styling experience. Contact us to see how we can help, we would love to!

Yes, we do! Our lovely head florist Caroline is very experienced and has a beautiful floral vibe, we are able to offer all your wedding florals from installations and reception or ceremony flowers through to bridal flowers. We would love to quote so shoot us through an inquiry.

Yes, they are, but…….we are always buying and adding to our range which is updated regularly, so anything you don’t see or can’t find just shoot us an email as we may be able to source it for you!

Our most common clients are organised people- we have worked with quite a few teachers and event planners that are very used to organising, making charts & checklists and keeping everything on track. But…on the day of the wedding- you won’t be able to implement all your hard work.

That is where we can step in, with a full brief of what you need doing and ensure it is all carried out to plan, leaving you to worry and stress-free and able to enjoy your big day.

Our amazing brides have the best plans to set everything up themselves the day before, only to realise what a daunting task it is and regret sets in they didn’t hire someone to help! Often the day before your wedding is filled with other last minute things to do, packing, beauty prep, picking up the dress, greeting guests that have arrived into town……not much time leftover for setting up decor and place cards! Plus some venues simply don’t allow setting up the day before.

Much of the decor needs to be left to on the day anyway, we find putting napkins and decor out to early at some venues or properties everything can get dusty & dirty, flowers wilt or the elements like wind get to everything, plus there are just some things like setting up the bar and icing down drinks that are not able to be done the day before.

Leave the stress and effort of setting up the place cards and decorations to us and allow yourself to breath easy knowing it is all taken care of on the day.

While your catering company may be fabulous at cooking delicious food for your guests, unfortunately, it is not their job to set your wedding up, especially for an off-site/property style wedding in a marquee. On the tables, we can assist with setting up all the bits and pieces associated with the place settings eg wine and water glasses, napkins, cutlery, plates, place cards, water jugs etc. Your catering company will often come in right before service so…its important we have the bar prepped and ready for them, drinks iced down, glassware set up and ready to go- no one wants to wait for champagne after the ceremony!

Yes absolutely! Our set up and coordination packages are a service fee, meaning we are not fussy on what we set up. Some stylists may not be happy to set up the brides own bits and pieces but we don’t mind at all! We can work as a full stylist where everything is hired through us, or perhaps you have bought everything yourself and simply need someone to set it all up…or would prefer something in between- we are happy to help and be flexible in whatever way suits you best.

We have a setup template we work with you prior to the day, jotting down every element of the setup…trust me you will feel so much more in control with this up your sleeve! We combine our template with a site visit to go over it all, so everyone is 100% on the same page of what needs to be set up/go where meaning a beautifully smooth execution on the wedding day by us!

Yes, you do!  Although we offer both services and they do overlap, they are actually both quiet separate roles. We work with a lot of other stylists or florists on the day, and we don’t mind at all if you have already chosen someone. If you have already chosen a stylist or decorator to do your centrepieces/ceremony decor and the like but finding there are some random jobs that simply don’t fit into their job role….that’s where we come in!

A stylist or decorator will set up just that…the decor…. but a wedding coordinator offers more of an organisational role overseeing everything on the day (plus we help with some cross-checking before the day). I liken it to a function manager at a restaurant or wedding venue…but for off-site venues where it is a DIY style and no one is officially around to do that.

We tie all the suppliers together, when they arrive and need to know where to set up….we show them…..when they ask where the power is….we know…….when they get lost and need someone to ring to give them directions…..we do that! It completely keeps both yourself/mum/partner out of the troubleshooting and questions on the day and allows you to relax knowing it is all taken care of.

We keep the run sheet/time plan together on the day, constantly liaising with catering/band/MC to make sure everything is kept to time, if we run out of ice…..we go do a run to grab some….candles need lighting…..we do that……garbage bins emptied…..that’s us… get the picture right?

See a useful link to explain both roles Here and Here.

*all listed hire & service prices exclude GST