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About Elle

Any kids or pets?

Five kidlets, four boys and one girl and two pet chickens.

What is your favourite place in the world?

Gerringong – we decided to have kids before travelling; ask me this in 20 years time haha I have always wanted to go to Italy and Croatia.

What is the best concert you ever went to?

Pink – she is amazing!!

Takeaway night….what’s your go-to fav food?

KFC, luckily we live so far away from it!

Early bird or night owl?

Early bird

What energises you?

Being outside in the sunshine.

Whats something you saw recently that made you smile?

My kidlets.

Whats your fav way to unwind after a busy day?

Glass of wine and a nice hot bath.

What can we find you doing on your day of/what is your perfect day?

You’ll find me wrestling four boys with baby macey on my hip usually down at the beach or a park of some sort. My perfect day would have to be the same with hubby in tow!

Any hidden talents or party tricks or something you are good at?

I can roll my belly (even after having five kids haha).

Fav TV series you are watching?

One Tree Hill is my fave TV series by far, currently watching Virgin River and also loving it.

Your most used 2 emojis?


Go to coffee or tea?

Small double shot flat white.

Cocktail preference?

Espresso martini

Fav sport/activity as a kid?

Athletics, cross country and touch football were the main ones however I played many sports as a child.

Your fav thing about coordinating weddings?

I love the energy and buzz on the wedding day- its the best vibes! And i love being organised so ticking off my set up list on the day also makes me super happy!

“Elle and the team were absolutely amazing for our wedding in Berry. We had a fair bit of set up and pack up and the WEC made everything run so smoothly for the day. Elle who was our coordinator on the day was so calm and helpful, making sure that everything was set up and organised for us the day of the wedding”

Kate and Tom