Frequently Asked Questions

YES!! All items in the packages can be added on. If the package states two bridesmaids but you have 4, just add on two more bridesmaids’ bouquets in our floral add on section.

Delivery, set up and installation are additional fees, but we keep these costs to a minimum just to cover our florists time. Once we know what you are after we can happily quote for this.

The dried florals style does not have a minimum spend. All our floral packages minimum prices are stated on the website according to each package. Customized quote is $1500 minimum spend, but please reach out as we are always happy to work with you and discuss details further.

Absolutely. We love super creative couples! We do this through a consultation process and have a minimum spend of $1500. Send us an email or message through the website and we will get in contact with you.

Yes!! Leave a message in the message section when ordering your package and let us know what your fav is and we will incorporate these into your flowers, some additional fees may apply due to seasonal availability and costings.

Good question! We love to work within the seasons of when flowers grow and working to a similar style of our packages listed in terms of colours and style.
All our packages are designed with seasonal flowers only. Alternatively, we can provide a custom quote and work to any specific flowers you are after.
This is for a few reasons:
– We love to work and support our local growers over international growers.
– We often find local flowers are much fresher than other international wholesalers.
*We do use some international roses in our packages. The reason is year-round availability and 99% of couples love roses in their wedding flowers.
If there is a particular flower you want in your package, please contact us and we will be able to add this for you.
All your bridal party bouquets (except the dried florals package) will be wrapped in organic tissue paper and placed in a container of water. If you have trailing ribbons then your ribbons will be placed around the bouquet stems.
– Take your flowers out of the container and tissue paper about 10 minutes before you leave.
– Gently pat dry the stems with the tissue paper that the bouquets were delivered in to remove excess water.
*note if you have trailing ribbons then take the flowers out of the container 1 hour before leaving to check the ribbons have not soaked up the water in the container. If the water has soaked into the ribbons you can use a hair drier on cold and low to dry the ribbons only. If you are getting ready at the ceremony venue then your florist will attach the ribbons for you just before the ceremony.

We are so lucky in Australia with what’s available in each season. See our flower seasons page to see seasons and what is available in those seasons.

For our cancellation policy please refer to your Terms and Conditions, or ask for a copy via email.

No two weddings will be exactly the same and we always work with in-season florals so some variations in colour/style may apply due to the nature of working with….nature!
Plus we are always updating our styled shoots and images to give our couples fresh content and we stay on-trend but there will always be a variation in your package wedding florals as to what you see on our website or socials.
We always use fresh, seasonal products in our packages and you can refer to our seasonal flower guide here: ( for what’s blooming for your wedding dates! Also, check out our Instagram page for weekly updates of what other brides are having in their season.
AMAZING!! we love seeing flowers used again and not going straight to the compost. We also need to work with our lovely venues and their bump out rules. If we are bumping out the following day then once our florists have pulled down the installation, they will liaise with you as to where they will leave the floral bundles for you to collect.
Shoot us an email to discuss in detail.

We have a massive hire range, which we are always adding to, of vessels and vases for your florals. These can be hired and quoted at additional fees and we will happily offer suggestions of what may work for your style/budget and floral choice.

Absolutely!! We will need to do a site visit to asses the rigging and access of the property according to the scale of the installation and if any speciality equipment may need to be hired, but reach out to us for a chat, we are only too happy to help!

We love summer weddings!! Our packages are designed so we are using flowers available in the season of your wedding/event but there are suggestions we can give you or ways to manage set up to maximise your fresh florals on a super hot day. All our packages are provided with a little care guide print out. If you are really worried look at the “dried florals” as your preferred floral package and “the rustic” both these packages have hardier flowers that a better in the heat.

The floral crew for The Wedding & Events Creators of course! That’s the beauty of having your coordinators, stylists and florist all under the same roof. We will do it all, our departments will discuss the schedule and make it happen together! Check your quote and add installation/set up if not already on there.

Reach out to check in with us and we can confirm in timing based on your location/date and ceremony time. Usually, the bridal flowers are dropped to the wedding couple first thing in the morning, then the ceremony is set up followed by the reception. Unless you have ordered hanging installations then the schedule will be discussed with the couple prior to the event as may need to be partly done the day prior.

Totally fine. We will take this into account with your schedule and deliver the bridal flowers first, then we will head to the ceremony and reception locations, ensure you have delivery booked with us as part of your quote or package.

Your flowers are yours to keep or maybe your guests might like to take them home? Alternatively, you can DONATE! make someone’s week by repurposing your flowers to a nursing home or local organisation listed with us. Email us for more info. If these options are not for you then we will bump out the flowers in accordance with the venues bump out rules. All the green waste will be taken off-site by WEC flowers and disposed of correctly.

WEC flowers are the in-house flower department of The Wedding & Event Creators. We offer beautiful wedding and event flowers for our clients alongside wedding coordinating, props styling, antipasto grazing table and the gelato bike!

Usually, 1-2 staff members are sufficient for a smaller wedding and the venue has no restrictions on set up time. If you have ordered floral installation a minimum of 2 WEC flower staff will be onboard. Your flower quote will have details of how many staff your quote allows.

YES!! We love to see you get the most out of your flowers!

Check out our HOW TO’s:
Attach a buttonhole & pin on corsage:
Traditionally the groom stands on the left side during the wedding ceremony and so the left lapel is the side showing
the wedding guests. When attaching the buttonhole place it on top of the jacket lapel, place a pin provided through
the back of the lapel and flower stem so the flower appears to be floating on the fabric. See the link for more

Attach a wrist corsage:
Sit the florals on top of the wrist, wrap the longer end of the ribbon around the wrist and tie in place so the bow or tie
ends under the flowers.

*All listed hire & service prices exclude GST

Please note WEC Florals can only be booked in conjunction/as an add-on to our set up/styling or coordination services. Please inquire for a quote and we can provide you with an all-inclusive styling option which includes florals.