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About Montana

Any kids or pets?

Rosie, a crazy fun almost-two year old.

What is your favourite place in the world?

Australia – love traveling in our backyard and finding beautiful spots to camp.

What is the best concert you ever went to?

Splendour in the Grass festival in Byron Bay a few years ago – there was more mud than music but it was a lot of fun.

Takeaway night….what’s your go-to fav food?

A classic cheeseburger minus the pickles, with a vanilla shake and hot cinnamon donuts.

Early bird or night owl?

I wish I was an early bird, but I’ve been a night owl for as long as I can remember.

What energises you?

Finding a spot in the afternoon sun with a good book and a cup of tea. Also copious amounts of coffee.

Whats something you saw recently that made you smile?

My toddler waving and greeting people enthusiastically in the long lone at the bank.

Whats your fav way to unwind after a busy day?

A slow walk outdoors, or putting on some music while we cook dinner.

What can we find you doing on your day off/what is your perfect day?

Camping, exploring our local area, or just staying home to read a book or tackle a creative project.

Any hidden talents or party tricks or something you are good at (eg netball, juggling, beer pong champion, folding washing, baking cakes etc)?

I’m pretty crafty? Always have multiple things on the go like sewing, hand-bookbinding, baking bread.

Fav TV Series you are watching(or latest fav movie)?

Anything period, like Downton Abbey or Peaky Blinders.

Go to coffee or tea? (eg skim latte)

Both, always.

Cocktail preference?

Classic Margarita.

Fav sport/activity as a kid (eg dance classes, climbing trees, soccer)

I was a competitive gymnast for basically my entire childhood.

Your fave thing about coordinating weddings?

The tiny details, creating beautiful setups, making people smile