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About Shoshanna

Favourite part about coordinating weddings?

I love seeing all the details come together to make a magical day! To be able to help a bride and groom’s dream for their wedding blossom into a reality is just so rewarding.  Each couple has their own unique style and personality to imprint on their wedding, so to help make that happen, smooth their path and then to see the all small details bring smiles to faces and create memorable moments is such a privilege.

Decor you are loving this season?

I’m loving the metallic trend in weddings this season especially with the gorgeous copper and rose gold tones highlighting everything from invitations to cakes and gowns.  It brings such warmth and elegance to any style, the best thing is that you can choose to be as subtle or bold as you like, there is a metallic tone to suit every personality! But that could just be my steampunk heart talking!

What I love!

I’ve always loved good books, good food, great wine and beautiful company! Anything that gets the heart pumping, awakens the senses and stirs the soul – from belly dancing to a great live performance, I’m your girl! But as life gets faster, its the “loosey goosey” days with my lovely little family that are the ones I now prize most of all.