Breaking Traditions

I love the idea of breaking traditions. Just remember, it is your day and your way! You can take on board as many or as few traditions as you want. At the end of the day, we live in modern times and we have seen it all. Some couples may choose to keep each and every one of the original wedding traditions from first dance, bridal party, bouquet and garter toss and so on.

How to Write Your Own Wedding Run Sheet

Whilst I feel leaving it to the experts, like your wedding planner or coordinator is best, as they are experienced in timing and details, the reality is that some couples don’t have this option. If you don’t have a planner or day of coordinator to assist you, the next best thing is to DIY your own run sheet or timeline for the day.

How to Postpone Your Wedding

If you are out there and unfortunately faced with the only option but to postpone your wedding, due to varying reasons, (usually Covid related at the moment of course) then this blog will hopefully provide you with some guidance should you be faced with having to postpone or push back your special day to a month or year where there are less restrictions.

Wedding Dessert Ideas

Wedding Dessert Ideas Let’s talk wedding desserts- so many ideas so little time! Just do a google or Pinterest search and you can get the ideas flowing. Here are a few wedding dessert ideas and inspiration; Gelato and Ice-cream Everyone likes ice-cream so having ice-cream or gelato at your event brings is a fun novelty…

The Bride’s Guide to Wedding Prep

The Bride’s Guide to Wedding Prep Self-care is probably the last thing on any bride’s list of things to worry about. Between all of the tasks associated with planning a wedding alongside balancing work and everyday life, there is not a lot of time to consider much else. Don’t lose sight of what the big…

The Seating Chart

The Seating Chart I often have our couples tell me what a pain in the bum it has been for them to work out who is sitting where especially if you have interesting family dynamics or large guest numbers. So, this blog is all about how to go about making up your seating plan So…